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Team 2 at Lugala

Tuesday 25th July 2023

Hi and greetings from Steph and team 2. We are almost half way through our week in Lugala and the time is flying. We are now trying to complete all lessons with the classes, so we currently have 78 girls simultaneously sewing sanitary towels. We have had to buy more needles (twice) and more poppers. And the last two evenings have been spent with all of the team cutting out circles for sanitary towels - we have done 180 circles of material and 90 circles of plastic. the hotel has let us use a corner of the upstairs open air restaurant to spread the material out for cutting and the manager is getting interested in the project and asked for info about it. We have had all the teachers joining in the lessons on how to sew pads, as even some of the adult women struggle to afford pads.

We have had to order another bale of nets as 300 have been put up in Lugala in the last 2 weeks so they have been airing today ready for tomorrow. The boys have been out with all the older boys litter picking n the community, as there is so much rubbish everywhere.

We have managed to have a relax for some of this evening as our days are very full on. Most of the team were asking to go to bed before 9:30pm but some chose to play chess!

We were chatting with some of the P7 girls today and they were laughing as they thought we all had maids to do our work in the UK! And they were shocked that Daniel did the cooking, so I have done my bit to start women's lib in Uganda!

Noreen the chef is feeding us very well and today the team had fried chicken and chips for lunch. This morning was spaghetti, sausage, omelette, fruit and samosa. I am thinking 2 Weetabix at home is just not going to cut it anymore!

So we are on the home straight, please pray for continued energy and good health for the team and a good night's sleep!

Steph & Team 2

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